Brabus Bring Bonkers Performance to New Mercedes-Benz S-Class

The S-Class has only just been released and already Brabus have delivered their package. As you would expect it received some cosmetic and aerodynamic changes and then the famous Brabus performance boost. If you have the Mercedes S500, you can pop in their BRABUS B50 ECU kit which gives you an extra 65hp making the new output 455hp and pulling the 100km/h sprint speed down to 4.2 seconds. If you have the new Mercedes S63 AMG, Brabus has the option of 2 packages. The first gives you an increase of 145hp which pumps output up to 650hp and 1000Nm of torque but their ultimate package known as the B63S is even more bonkers and pushes power to 730hp. This is done via ECU mapping, two custom Brabus turbos, free-flow exhaust system and downpipes. Torque goes up to a mind-bending 1065Nm and top speed rises to 325km/h. This is not a luxury limo anymore this is a supercar in limo disguise! Damn the team at Brabus love power which means I love them!

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