Novitec Rosso Ferrari F12 Berlinetta in South Africa

There must be well over 10 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta’s in South Africa by now but it seems one owner wanted to go the extra mile to stand out by giving it the Novitec Rosso treatment. The guys over at RACE! South Africa were responsible for turning this white F12 into something a little more unique and powerful. I was not able to get official word from them regarding the exact bits and pieces they added to the car but I managed to find some pictures on their Facebook page and even a video which shows off the serious new exhaust system sound. So what did they do exactly well by only looking at the pictures, we could work out the following;

  • NF4 Novitec Wheels
  • Carbon front spoiler lip
  • Mirror covers
  • Side panels
  • Carbon diffuser
  • Carbon boot lid lip
  • Black Novitec exhaust
  • Rear lights

I could have missed a few things but without actual indication as to the work that was done, I cannot comment any more. Still very cool to have one of these beasts roaming the streets of South Africa.

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