Mercedes A45 AMG Edition 1 Gets Unique Turquoise Touches In South Africa

Earlier this year, we saw the Japan-only Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG Petronas Edition released but it seems an owner in South Africa fancied the green elements on the hot hatch so they made a plan. I was kindly sent these images by a reader whose father owns a motor body parts shop and this was a recently completed project. Although the green is not the same as the Petronas Edition and it doesn’t feature the over-the-top ‘AMG Performance Studio’ detail down the side, this has to be one of the coolest looking A45 AMG’s in the country. Subtle turquoise detailing all over the car in all the right places gives it a very unique look and an awesome one at that. The matte black wheels contrast so well with the lip striping and the rear spoiler tips look fantastic in that green/blue hue. I really hope someone spots this on the open road soon because it is a looker and I think a proper photo shoot needs to take place.


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