Koenigsegg Aim To Break Nurburgring Record When They Are Ready

Now that the speed limits on the Nurburgring have been removed, Koenigsegg are gearing up to break the production car lap record.

“A Nurburgring record doesn’t just happen. In a piece expressing our disappointment with developments last year, I glibly wrote ‘We only need about 7 minutes of their time and we will do our best to not use all of it.’ The truth is it takes a lot more than 7 minutes to achieve a good lap at this track. We were ready to go when that piece was written last year. This year, we’re starting over again and it takes months of planning and preparation,” Koenigsegg’s Steven Wade wrote.

“Intimate knowledge of the track takes a long, long time to build and we are aiming to secure a driver with maximum experience at this most demanding of tracks,” the statement said.

“So yes, you may see photos of us at the Nurburgring later this month. Don’t get too excited, however. This is a long road we’re on (pardon the pun) and it ain’t over ’til it’s over,” the post concluded.

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