BMW Tease M8 GTE And It Looks Bold and Brilliant

We heard that BMW’s next LeMans car would be the M8 GTE base on the exciting M8 (obviously) but how is this possible since the 8 Series has not even been revealed?

Well we have our first official teaser of the M8 GTE which means they are probably developing the whole lot together.

The picture you see about was posted with the caption “The 2017 FIA WEC is in full swing, but we are already gearing up for next season. Here’s an appetizer for our all-new BMW M8 GTE. More to come soon…”

Judging by that, we could see the M8 and the M8 GTE as soon as next season?

So what can we see on the teaser? We already know it is low and sleek but a few more lines on the teaser show aggressively flared rear haunches and a rather large rear wing.

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