4 Reasons Cal Car Cover Is the Best Choice for Custom Car Covers

When it comes to creating custom fit car covers and delivering knowledgeable customer service, nobody beats the professionals at Cal Car Cover. From years of research on the best products to comprehensive warranty plans, these car cover experts are excited to share their unique offerings with fellow collectors and enthusiasts. Here are four reasons Cal Car Cover is the top choice for your custom car cover needs.

 1) Extensive Selection to Fit All Makes and Models

 When the company says their covers are custom fit, they mean it. All car covers are designed for a vehicle’s specific year, make, and model. They can accommodate brand new, popular models as well as rare, vintage beauties. This includes add-on features such as roof racks, flared fenders, and any other distinctions.

 2) Deep Industry Knowledge

 With experience making and selling custom car covers that dates backs to 1967, the team at Cal Car Cover is deeply passionate about their work. The company’s founders have spent decades consulting with hobbyists and car collectors in order to understand the needs of consumers. Having gained a wealth of knowledge throughout the years, they are just as serious about cars and covers as their customers.

 3) High-Quality Materials

Each car cover is manufactured with the latest technology and highest-qualify fabrics. From soft covers and plush cotton to durable shields and weather-resistant weaves, Cal Car Cover uses only the best in materials. As a commitment to excellence, the company offers a multi-year warranty on all covers.

4) Exceptional Customer Service 

The experts at California Car Cover genuinely want you to love your purchase. Their committed customer service team is happy to answer questions and troubleshoot any issues along the way, whether you need help choosing the best car cover material or would like to place an order. Use this online form to get in touch or reach out by phone at 1-800-423-5525.

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