Rimac C_Two Is Official With 1.97s 0 to 100 KM/H Sprint

So prior to the official reveal of the Rimac C_Two, they let us know it would have 1,914 horsepower, 2,300 Nm and a 0 to 60 mph time of 1.85 seconds.

So do they have any other staggering information to give us?

  • 120 kWh battery
  • 412 km/h top speed (electronically limited)
  • Facial recognition to open the door
  • Completely carbon fibre chassis (with integrated batteries)
  • Not light at 1,950 kg
  • Intelligent torque-vectoring, which is fully adaptive between all four wheels
  • 403-mile range on the NEDC test and takes 30 minutes to store 80 per cent range using a fast-charger
  • Can complete two full laps of the Nürburgring “with a neglible drop in performance”
  • Ready for Level 4 autonomy, thanks to eight cameras, a lidar, six radars, and twelve ultrasonic sensors
  • Each hour spent in the car generates 6 gigabytes of data

The car can also read your moods. Apparently, if you’re getting grumpy, the car will soften its ride and play soothing music to calm you down.

Arrived at a track for some fun? The car knows which one and will load suggested racing lines and braking points onto its touchscreen to help you score the best time.

This car is astonishing!

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