New BMW M5 Manages 7:38 Nurburgring Lap

It is very clear that Nürburgring lap times are important to manufacturers even if they say otherwise and now we have some footage of a new BMW M5 around the infamous Green Hell.

Unfortunately this is not an official lap time from the manufacturer but it is from well renowned publication, Sport Auto, where the driver, Christian Gebhardt, managed to set a time of 7 minutes 38.92 seconds around the ‘Ring.

This time makes it a tad slower than the Porsche Panamera Turbo (7:38) but put it in the hands of a full-blown professional racing driver and you will be sure to eclipse that Panamera Turbo time.

Now that the M5 Competition is official, one can only imagine that will shave off a couple of seconds from the standard variant as it is more powerful and sharper for track driving.

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