Review of the Volkswagen Golf GTI for 2018

Volkswagen America is set to welcome a significantly upgraded version of the Golf GTI in 2019. But before Philadelphia and the rest of the United States meet this road beast, we shall take a look at how the 2018 Golf GTI has performed. This short car profile is features insights from reviews written by Annie White of This is also based on the collective reviews made by the editors of and


The Gold GTI is a performance monster that surprisingly falls within an affordable price range. Its starting price is at around $28,000.  It runs on a 2-L inline-four engine that has the capacity to produce 220 horsepower. This model is also loaded with reliable safety features and an attractive interior to deliver a highly commendable rider experience. CarandDriver’s Annie White gives this model a perfect five.


A standard Golf GTI 2018 model is equipped with automatic emergency braking and forward collision warning mechanisms. These features make it possible for the driver to stop when faced with a possible collision, even when they are not able to react on time. The car model also has an automated pedestrian detection mechanism.

With the help of its blind-spot warning system, the Golf GTI is able to create a 360-degree picture of its immediate surroundings. It alerts the driver when serious obstructions are detected. Finally, it has the ability to give rear cross-traffic alerts. Because of these safety features and some optional ones, the Volkswagen Golf GTI gets a perfect five from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

If you drive away with your VW Golf GTI 2018, the safety features discussed above will surely make it so easy for you to maneuver the vehicle. Accidents, should they occur, are unlikely caused by deficiencies in the car. It’s even very unlikely that you will be at fault, since the car has sensors and automatic stops that effectively prevent collisions. Even so, you will need the help of the police and a Philadelphia car accident lawyer to properly establish determine who’s at fault.


The interior of the Golf GTI features some material upgrades. It leads its league in terms of headroom. It is not the highest when it comes to legroom but it is still not that different from the league’s average.

If you love listening to music while driving, you will not be disappointed by the Golf GTI. It registers 70 dBA even when traveling at 70mph on a busy highway.

The vehicle is also loaded with a lot of features that make staying in it such a pleasurable experience. It has four cupholders, two at the back and four in front. The first and second seat rows also have their own dedicated vents to ensure comfort. Aside from these, the front seats also come with a standard heating system.


In terms of performance, the 2018 Golf GTI has one of the highest maximum braking ability in its league. Accelerating is also not a problem because the engine appears to be pretty responsive during tests.

With all the goodness that 2018 has been bringing, it’s truly understandable why the 2019 update has so much hype and anticipation around it. The streets of Philadelphia, New York, and the other states better be ready for this US-only release.

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