BMW M8 Competition Could Arrive in 2019

Last week, BMW’s VIP customers were hosted at an event in Paris and given the chance to preview a bunch of upcoming models.

Obviously cell phone use was prohibited, but one BMWBlog’s readers was able to share some of the things he saw there.

Most importantly, BMW M is planning an M8 Competition, a model that really comes as no surprise considering that the M5 also got the more hardcore package.

It will likely include a carbon fibre package which not only slightly lowers the weight, but also provides some great visuals. In standard form, the BMW M8 Competition will be equipped with the carbon ceramic brakes along with the yellow calipers.

Output is expected to be around 620 hp from the 4.4-litre TwinTurbo V8 which should be good for a 0 to 100 km/h sprint time of 3.2 seconds or so.

Source BMWBlog
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