BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe Launching Next Year

The arrival of a BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe will mean the Bavarian manufacturer can take proper aim at the Audi A3 Sedan.

The A3 Sedan has owned the segment and with Mercedes-Benz launching its A-Class sedan midway through next year, BMW needed to up their game.

The 2 Series Gran Coupe will arrive next year with sources mentioning that a M2 Gran Coupe could follow by 2021 and a convertible version in late 2020, both of which will sit alongside the revamped two-door Coupe.

Given the cars it’s sharing its platform and oily bits with, the 2 Series Gran Coupe is likely to start out with 1.5- and 2.0-litre petrol and diesel engines, mated to both six-speed manual and eight-speed automatic transmissions.

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