Aston Martin Valkyrie To Pack 1,175 HP (876 kW) with 11,100 RPM Redline

Last week the British brand finally announced that their upcoming hypercar called the Valkyrie will pack a whopping 1,175 hp (876 kW) with a redline rpm of 11,100.

The 6.5-litre V12 has been developed by Cosworth and even though they initially claimed it would produce 1,130 hp (843 kW) at 1,014 hp (756 kW) it is still one of the most powerful naturally-aspirated engines in the world. A KERS-style hybrid system contributes the other 162 hp (121 kW). Rimac supplies the batteries and Integral Powertrain Ltd. provides the electric motor.

Peak power comes on at 10,500 rpm, though the engine will scream slightly higher to 11,100 rpm.

Aston Martin was also keen to highlight that the powertrain does more than simply power the car; everything works like a well-orchestrated concert to create a lighter and more rigid supercar. The V12 and transmission casing are both important components of the vehicle structure, and the casing actually provides rear suspension mounting points. The hybrid system’s battery pack also includes all relevant subsystems for power electronics.

Each of the mighty V12 engines is rated for 62,000 miles (100,000 km). Only then will Aston Martin need to test it for cracks and rebuild it if it’s in good shape.

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