Lamborghini Confirms V12 Is Not Dead, Yet

We know that large-displacement, naturally aspirated and turbocharged 12-cylinder engines are under fire and some manufacturers are already phasing them out but Lamborghini are not going to give up that easily.

Speaking to Wheels Magazine at the Geneva Motor Show, chief technical officer, Maurizio Reggiani commented that the brand’s V12 engine is not dead yet and will continue to be upgraded over the next years to remain compliable with the ever-stricter emissions standards.

“The V12 must respect some homologation rules. We are able to guarantee that our V12 will be able to fulfill all Euro 6 rules. After that, it comes down to questions of capacity and fuel consumption. What’s becoming clear is that if you want a super sports car, fuel consumption cannot be discounted.”

That is good news but what will happen when Euro 6 changed to Euro 7? Well according to Reggiani it is still possible to improve the V12 to meet tighter regulations, but it would seriously impact the performance of the unit.

Source Wheels Magazine
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