New Porsche 911 GT3 (992) Spotted Testing With Crazy Aero

Porsche engineers are working full time to develop the rest of the 992 911 range with one of these models being the GT3.

Prototypes of the creation are showing up in the wild in their “production form” and a recent sighting sees the test car cruising, which meant the camera got a proper chance to film the thing.

As it has been the case with previous testers, we get to notice the super-sized wing adorning the posterior of the GT3, which isn’t all that different to what the carmaker offers on the racing incarnations of the 911.

As expected, the rear track of the GT3 seems to be heftier than that of the Carrera. And while this might seem normal, we’ll remind you that RWD Carrera’s now get the same hefty hips as the AWD models (this wasn’t true for the 991 generation).

When can we expect to see the 992 GT3 revealed? We might see something before the end of the year.

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