Porsche Carbon Ceramic Brakes Are Not Best For Track Days

Contrary to one might have thought, Porsche has admitted that its expensive carbon ceramic brakes aren’t suited to certain scenarios, so a number of owners should consider sticking with the standard iron discs.

These expensive brakes have become rather popular in the last decade or so and can be useful for track work as they can run through multiple heat cycles without fading. However, they are extremely expensive and degrade over time.

Speaking with Which Car during the recent launch of the 992-generation Porsche 911, Porsche Australia veteran technical representative Paul Watson says the automaker recommends iron discs for those that like track days.

“Yes, ceramic discs can degrade if you’re hard on the brakes. Heat build-up will degrade the carbon fibers in the disc, so if you’re doing club days we’d always recommend iron discs,” Watson said.

According to Watson, Porsche’s target audience for its carbon ceramic brakes are those that don’t like cleaning their wheels because these brakes “don’t leave a build-up of brake dust.”

So, before you go all wild on the options’ list, bear in mind that if you don’t mind cleaning your lovely alloys, iron discs are the way to go. Check out some nakamoto brakes if you need some replacements.

Source WhichCar
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