Aston Martin AM-RB 003 To Pack 1,000 HP (746 kW) and Have e-AWD

Aston Martin took the covers off the AM-RB 003 hypercar at the Geneva Motor Show but they did not give us much information on the creation.

CarScoops recently got hold of the official dealer brochure distributed by the British car manufacturer for the AM-RB 003, which documents some important specifications.

We know it will make use of a turbocharged V6 hybrid powertrain and we now know they are targeting a combined output of 1,000 hp (746 kW).
According to the document, the powertrain’s electric motor will drive the front wheels, meaning the hypercar will be all-wheel drive.

It has also been confirmed that the vehicle will incorporate an 8-speed, F1-inspired dual-clutch transmission, and a limited-slip differential.

We know it will be light (below 1,350 kg) and we know it will be fast with Aston quoting a 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) time of 2.5 seconds as well as a top speed of more than 220 mph (354 km/h).

Price wise you are looking “at no less than £875,000.” Converted into U.S. dollars, that is $1,152,440.

Source CarScoops
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