Lamborghini Aventador SV Gets 2 Million Swarovski Crystals To Stand Out

A ‘regular’ Lamborghini Aventador has more than enough presence to draw a crowd and a hardcore SV variant even more so but what if that is simply not enough for you? Well one owner in London wanted the ultimate head turner so she decided to bling her Raging Bull into a very glitzy affair.

Owned by Russian entrepreneur Daria Radionova, the Superveloce is the latest car to receive the full Swarovski treatment. It received a whopping 2 million crystals which were all meticulously applied by hand during a painstakingly long process that took more than 700 hours to complete.

Last year the same chaos ensued when a fully blinged out Lamborghini Huracan showed up in London and it was the same Daria Radionova so she clearly wanted to take things up a notch.

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