Choosing a Storage Location Fit for Your Classic Car

Classic cars are not the sort of thing you want to leave parked on the road when they are not in use. Especially if you only use your vintage vehicle occasionally, perhaps for events and shows, you need to find a suitable location to lock it up in between times.

If you haven’t got space to garage your car at home, you should look into using a professional storage service. Here are some key things to look out for when choosing where to park up your pride and joy.


The first thing you want to be certain of is that your car will be safe and secure wherever you choose to leave it. Criminals who deal in prestige and classic cars know their stuff and know the places to target to find what they are looking for, including professional lock-ups. But at the same time, they will always be on the lookout for a soft touch. Ask a prospective storage service about what security protocols they have in place and look for things like CCTV, on-premises or on-call 24/7 personnel, alarm systems, security bollards, and key safes.


Following on from security, should the worst happen and there is a break in during which your vehicle is stolen or damaged, you want to be sure that you will be financially compensated. Ask what the firm’s insurance arrangements are, including what the indemnity is for pay-outs to third parties.

Car care

If your car is going to be sat in storage for weeks or months on end, you want to be confident that it will be well looked after. Especially with vintage and classic cars, you have to be aware of the impact that long periods of inactivity can have on performance. Check what services are provided to ensure your car is kept in tip-top condition, including turning the engine over, battery conditioning, and even extras like valeting and conditioning.


Finally, bear in mind that you are going to have to make your way home after you drop your vehicle off, and then get back to the garage again when you want it back. Location is therefore important – the further out of the way a prospective lock-up is, the more difficult it will be to arrange lifts. For example, Apex provides car storage in Essex ideally located in the countryside just outside Colchester – discreet enough not to draw attention from opportunists, but close enough to major roads to provide easy access to London, Stansted Airport, the rest of Essex and Suffolk beyond.

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