Rolls-Royce Champagne Chest Costs More Than A VW Golf R

If I had R680k to spare, we would hop on down to our local Volkswagen dealer and talk about picking up a new Golf R but if this does not float your boat, you can always buy a champagne chest from Rolls-Royce for a cool £37,000.

While the Golf will be much better value for money, the chest is a work of art as it features a machined aluminium and carbon fibre chassis just like high-end supercars. The chassis is wrapped in black leather and features an embossed Spirit of Ecstasy logo.

If you don’t feel like holding one of the four hand-blown crystal champagne flutes, the chest has a Tudor Oak wood table for you. The flutes feature a polished aluminium base and are arranged, in the chest, to “evoke memories of a V12 engine.”

The party tricks continue elsewhere as the chest has side “hammocks” that automatically deploy to reveal two champagne coolers constructed out of black anodized aluminium and carbon. The chest is also illuminated and features four cotton napkins with “RR” monograms.

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