Porsche Only Sells Two Identical Cars Every Year

The more money you spend on a car, usually, the more special it is. So, when you’re planning on spending about a million Rand or more on a car naturally you would want it to stand out a little bit more from what everybody else has. Well, if you are a Porsche customer then luckily for you, you are highly unlikely to have a car that is the same to anybody else’s. Admittedly, this doesn’t go for all of Porsche’s models but rather only for the 911, 718 Boxster and 718 Cayman – the sports cars if you will.  

Autocar recently had a chat to Porsche’s plant manager, Christian Friedl, who said that Porsche does not sell more than two 911 or 718 models that are exactly the same each year. Considering the Zuffenhausen-based manufacturer produces about 25 000 911s and 718s each year, that is a pretty impressive achievement.

Of course, all of this is down to the ability of Porsche’s clients to customise their vehicles to pretty any specification they want. Thanks to Porsche’s Exclusive Manufaktur programme, you can add various little details in and around the car that makes it special from any other 911 or 718 car out there.

Things will be getting even more unique in the future, though. In Porsche’s pursuit to create the “most personal car” out there, various classic livery designs are planned to be offered with a few of Porsche’s limited-edition models.

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