Manual Toyota Supra Coming but Not From Toyota

Many Supra fans and purists around the world are still crying that the new offering does not have a good old manual option as Toyota decided to leave the ZF eight-speed automatic as the lone gearbox.

If you really want a third peddle and a stick to shift, European Auto Group (Texas-based) has set their sights on a Toyota Supra manual conversion. This team has already built the worlds only Ferrari 430 Scuderia with a gated manual and are nearly done with the first manual Ferrari 458 Italia in the world too.

The owner of EAG, Art Bartosik, recently told CarBuzz that the first MKV Supra manual swap is currently underway and “we are now taking customer deposits.” All those people who said they’d buy the Supra if it came with a manual can finally stop their crying because EAG is ready to answer their prayers.

The cost of this is “around $12,000 for parts and labour” and will take “between 30 to 45 days to complete.”

EAG will dig into the BMW OEM parts bin which should mean that the transmission will fit perfectly to the B58 engine.

While they are at it, EAG is partnering with ProTuning Freaks in Canada who will also upgrade your Supra to around 420 to 430 horsepower if you so wish.

For those of you worried about the Toyota warranty you should because this work will likely void it but EAG is looking into a four-year/50,000-mile warranty to cover all of the cars they convert.

When asked which shifter they plan to use for the manual Supra, Bartosik said “I really like the one from the GR concept car,” in reference to the hybrid Toyota GR HV Sports concept. “We want the shifter to have a flip-up design, just like the concept, with the button underneath programmed to activate Sport Mode.”

Source CarBuzz
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