Russian Tuner Paradigm Releases Custom Body Kit for G05 BMW X5

The G05 BMW X5 has been with us for some time now and aftermarket tuners have been keen to dish out their ideas on improving the already sporty yet luxurious SUV. After the success of the F85 body kit, it comes as no surprise that Russian auto shop Paradigm has released a custom body kit for the G05 BMW X5.

Although the “aero” parts do not make much of a difference in performance, they do give the BMW X5 a more aggressive appearance. Trading in a bit of its elegant design Paradigm has given the G05 X5 a more hunkered down look by gracing the entire body with skirts and spoilers that bring the SUV closer to the ground.

The particular car featured here is the X5 M50d which features a B57 3.0-litre 6-cylinder diesel engine with four turbochargers boosting it to make 400 hp (298 kW). Paradigm’s X5 M50d sports a front lip spoiler which allows for an extra air intake making the SUV look even more menacing. The side skirts have also been beefed up while the rear end now features a boot spoiler and diffuser.

Featured in our gallery is one of the few examples of Paradigm’s G05 BMW X5 project which appears to be wrapped in Pearl White. Also worth pointing out is that it seems Paradigm was looking to add a bit of BMW’s M factory look which makes this package a reasonable alternative to that of AC Schnitzer. Not a bad choice at all if you will.

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