Next Mercedes-AMG S-Class and C-Class Will Be Plug-In Hybrids

All manufacturers are having to adapt to the rapidly changing automotive regulations and Mercedes-AMG is no exception to this.

While talking to Motor Trend, AMG boss Tobias Moers revealed that its top models in the future will be plug-in hybrids and its ‘lesser’ models will switch to a four-cylinders.

Moers confirmed that the next-generation of C63 and S63 (range-topping versions) will convert to a plug-in hybrid powertrain. Although he did not give any details on the specific powertrain, he did indicate that it will be a different system to the regular Mercedes-Benz (non-AMG) PHEV’s.

With regards to the lesser AMG models such as the C43, we might see the M139 2.0-litre turbocharged unit from the new A 45 S fitted. This will be a sad day as that V6 sounds fantastic.

Tobias also confirmed that All AMG products after 2021 will be all-wheel drive.

Source Motor Trend
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