Most Expensive SUV In The World Is The Grotesque Karlmann King

The SUV boom is bigger than we ever imagined so for creations like the Karlmann King to come to life, there must be a few very wealthy SUV-hungry individuals out there.

Designer Luciano D’Ambrosio says the inspiration was drawn from the Batmobile that featured in The Dark Knight trilogy and is not only hard to look at but is an OCD-destroying asymmetrically-styled vehicle.

“Instead of trying to find the perfect combination of surfaces, we tried to create a break in the surfaces. It has to be big, dominant, but at the same time not to be so aggressive. It’s absolutely unique.” said D’Ambrosio.

Under that ridiculous bodywork sits a Ford F-550 with power provided by a 6.7-litre V10 engine with 420 hp (313 kW). Earlier reports mentioned that it had a top speed of 140 km/h due to its 5,9-ton weight but in this new video, D’Ambrosio says it can reach 220 km/h.

Customizations are endless and it seems to be necessary as the base car sports the cheap Ford interior and certainly not worth the $1,085,000 base price. If you want to add all the options, you are looking at a mind-warping $3 million (approx. R45 million).

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