BMW Claims Customers Like The New Huge Grille Design

When BMW revealed the massive grille on the X7 and 7 Series, the memes went berserk but then in a “hold my beer” moment, the BMW Concept 4 hit the scene with the biggest grille yet.

To our knowledge, the design has not been well-accepted but according to product boss, Peter Henrich, BMW has received “very positive” feedback to its radical shift in styling for certain models.

“The design team with Adrian van Hooydonk do an excellent job in designing and defining that character. The feedback received has been very positive. When first shown the X7, people said: ‘How big is the kidney grille?’ But customers never reacted like that and the car is a great success.” said Henrich. “It’s sold out for a very long period and people love it. There are always people specifically looking for something critical and afraid of something new. But we are very self-confident and will continue.”

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