Limited-Edition McLaren 620R Is A Road-Legal Race Car

We knew what it was going to look like after a leak a few weeks back but now the limited-edition McLaren 620R is official and ready to join 350 customers collections.

As expected, it is based on the 570S GT4 race car but this can be driven on public roads. The familiar 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 gets cranked up to 611 hp (620 PS; 456 kW) and 620 Nm of torque after a simple ECU tweak and turbocharger management. Thanks to the extra grunt, it can now complete the 100 km/h sprint in just 2.9 seconds.

If that does not impress you that much, the 0 to 200 km/h time should. It has dropped from 9.5 seconds to 8.1 seconds but thanks to the additional aero, the top speed has slightly dropped to 322 km/h (from 328 km/h).

Being a race car, it also went on a diet and lost 31 kg compared to the regular 570S.

The updated aero package includes a prominent adjustable rear wing which can develop as much as 185 kg of downforce.

If you wish, you can opt to replace the standard Pirelli P Zero R semi-slick tyres with a set of full-slick motorsport-spec tyres reserved for the track offering a contact patch 8% larger compared to the road-legal set.

According to McLaren, it’s the first time a car equipped with 19-inch front / 20-inch rear wheels has been developed to use slick tyres without having to go through additional mechanical adjustments.

Inside the seats are replaced with carbon fibre racing seats with six-point harnesses as standard, along with door pull straps and carbon shift paddles.

You have the choice between three exterior finishes: Onyx Black with orange stripes, Silica White with orange stripes, and McLaren Orange with white racing stripes. If you want to dig a little deeper into your pockets, MSO will gladly assist.

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