New BMW 4 Series Leaks Confirming Large Grille

We knew it was happening but here is the official confirmation that BMW will be using inspiration from the controversial Concept 4 for their new 4 Series (M4 and M3).

At the front, we get our first clear look at the new massive 4 Series grille design which shows two substantial Kidney Grilles that merge in the middle to the point of looking like one giant grille.

The new 4er also seems to feature slightly different headlights to the 3 Series. They are a bit slimmer and lack the little upward notch at the bottom that the 3er has.

It’s safe to wager this is an M440i or M440d based on the grille finish, which closely mirrors that of the M340i xDrive.

Although reactions to the brand’s bold new look have been mixed online and in the media, but BMW has strongly defended its recent designs.

BMW product boss Peter Henrich told Autocar the brand’s new look has garnered “very positive” feedback and said he was “convinced” the direction is correct.

The new 4 Series is expected to make its debut at the Geneva motor show in March.

Source BMWBlog
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