Lightweight Performance BMW M2 Convertible Faster Than New M2 CS

Tuning shop in Germany, Lightweight Performance, has revealed their latest project which was commissioned by a customer a few years ago (a since been refined).

Welcome the Lightweight Performance BMW M2 Convertible everyone and for those wondering, it certainly packs a ///Mean punch.

AutoBild recently got behind the wheel where they set a lap time of 1:34.15 around the Sachsenring in the baby M drop-top which actually makes it fractionally quicker than the brand new M2 CS (1:34.98).

So other than giving it a menacing M2 cosmetic upgrade, what did the tuner do to create such a track-capable Convertible?

Bearing in mind it started out life as a normal 2 Series Convertible, it was then fitted with an M2 engine, transmission, axles and brakes but the N55 engine now delivers 422 hp (315 kW).

It also received Bilstein Clubsport coilover and plenty of carbon fibre to drop the weight.

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