Novitec Tweak The Lamborghini Huracán EVO Styling

Lamborghini refined the Huracán to produce the Huracán EVO and now Novitec wants to offer you further refinement for your V10 supercar.

As always with Novitec, the aero components not only enhances the styling but also the aerodynamic efficiency thanks to wind tunnel testing.

All of the components are manufactured in naked carbon fibre to give it the “full-blooded racing looks” but the bodywork additions can also be painted to match the vehicle or in a contrasting colour.

Upfront you have three options which can be installed separately or as a complete set. The central front blade and the two-piece spoiler extensions at the left and right enhance the appearance of the EVO and what is more, they optimize the aerodynamics as well. Tailor-made endplates at the left and right of the front fascia direct the air even more effectively to the side air intakes.

Take a closer look and you will notice two slits on the bonnet of the car which routes the airflow through integrated ducts to the outlets in front of the windshield generating additional aerodynamic downforce.

At the back you will notice a prominent rear wing which produces additional downforce at high speeds, further improving the handling and stability.

The Lamborghini Huracán EVO sports a high-performance exhaust from the factory but Novitec claim their system lets the V10 breathe more freely. Two different variants are available to choose from: stainless steel with high-temperature thermal insulation or the version made from the even lighter material INCONEL.

Wrapping up the package is of course a set of tailor-made hi-tech wheels produced for Novitec by Vossen.

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