Lanzante Tease LM 25 Edition As Homage To McLaren F1 GTR

1995 Le Mans 24 hours. Le Mans, France. 17th – 18th June 1995. J.J. Lehto / Yannick Dalmas / Masanori Sekiya (McLaren F1 GTR), 1st position, action. World Copyright: LAT Photographic Ref: 95 LM a

McLaren Automotive paid tribute to the Le Mans-winning F1 GTR with a special 720S LM and now the team that took the famous win, Lanzante, will pay its own tribute to the F1 GTR victory with a seven-car run of LM 25s.

At this stage, rumours suggest the car will be based on the Senna (potentially the Senna GTR) and will follow both the P1 LM that was introduced in 2016 and the small run of road-legal P1 GTR-18 that were announced back in April.

Regardless of whether or not the LM 25 is based around the Senna, we expect Lanzante to give the LM 25 a healthy dose of additional power, new aerodynamic components, eye-catching looks, all while stripping away all the unnecessary weight that it can.

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