Bugatti Rumoured To Showcase Track Only Electric Hypercar Next Month

Late last week, rumours emerged that Bugatti was going to be sold to Croatian EV maker Rimac Automobili and by the sounds of things, this is not far away from happening.

In fact, the Bugatti’s first electric hypercar with Rimac technology might just be around the corner according to The Supercar Blog.

Sources have told the publication that Bugatti will showcase an all-electric track-only hypercar as early as October 2020. It is said that “this car will serve as a technology showcase for the future”.

The Bugatti EV is apparently heavily inspired by the radical Vision Le Mans Concept and will makes use of a Rimac-sourced electric powertrain. Sources have revealed that the track car could be built in extremely limited numbers or it might even be a one-off.

Source The Supercar Blog
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