Watch The SSC Tuatara Embarass A Bugatti Veyron

If you have been keeping up with our content on here, you will know that the American-made SSC Tuatara hypercar is fast, really really fast but we have not seen any comparisons yet, until now.

YouTuber TheStradman recently took delivery of a Bugatti Veyron and then managed to convince owner of SSC, Jerod Shelby, to put the radical Tuatara up against his hypercar.

As the title suggests, the Tuatara is an absolute weapon and it should be considering the 5.9-litre twin-turbocharged flat-plane crank V8 delivers a whopping 1,750 hp (1,305 kW).

Push play and if you want to fast forward to the interesting content, it starts around the 5:30 mark.

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