Prior Design To Offer Styling Solutions For Your New BMW M3 and M4

Prior Design is certainly no stranger to modifications and body kits and their latest target is the controversial BMW M3 and M4.

We’ve seen plenty of artist renderings that offer fictional solutions, and while the images here are technically renderings, they show designs that might actually come to life.

Our German is non-existent but we did manage to grab some screenshots from the video uploaded by the tuner titled BMW M4 Prior Edition which shows off some digital manipulation on the M4 front end and a body kit to widen the whole package.

Once designs are finalized, swapping a front fascia isn’t that hard, and all the designs appear to retain the stock M4 hood and fenders.

The Prior Design offering is so much better to look at it and actually looks like a mini M8 – which is a very good thing as that car is gorgeous.

Will we see this come to fruition? Only time will tell but lets hope that if it does, they doe their calculations and testing properly to ensure the engine and internals such in enough air up front.

Original 2021 BMW M4
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