Aston Martin Valhalla May Use Mercedes Powertrain Says Report

Aston Martin is going through some significant changes at the moment which hinges around the appointment of old Mercedes-AMG CEO Tobias Moers now the CEO of the manufacturer in Gaydon.

The success but more importantly future of the brand depends on how sales go with the new DBX SUV. A new report by Automotive News Europe suggests that Moers wants to steer the company in the right direction through the use of electrification. In fact, the company intends for every fourth or fifth vehicle sold in 2024 to be electrified.

The plug-in variant of the DBX will most certainly be one of these and now with the newly expanded relationship with Mercedes-Benz, they now have access to the next-generation hybrid and electric powertrains and other vital components from the German partner.

One of their most important upcoming creations is the Valhalla which will make use of a V6-powered hybrid system. This car is still on the cards but the Aston Martin developed unit could be ditched in favour of a Mercedes powertrain instead. “We are still working on that [hybrid drivetrain], but we now have alternatives. It’s too early to say,” Moers said.

If all goes according to plan, Aston will hopefully increase sales to 10,000 units by 2024. For comparison, last year, it sold only 5,809 vehicles.

Source Automotive News Europe
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