Gymkhana 2020: Travis Pastrana Pilots 634 kW Subaru and Jump Over a Boat

Gymkhana has been going for over a decade now but as we know, 2020 is the year of changes so this instalment sees Travis Pastrana piloting the 850 hp (634 kW) Subaru WRX STI through Annapolis, Maryland and the surrounding area.

It takes 50 psi of boost to get those numbers out of a 2.3-litre turbo, but the engine still revs to 8000 rpm. That’d make the thing a rocket ship regardless, but for good measure Subaru’s fitted it with a carbon fibre body, active aero, and upgraded tyres. This allows for some of the best four-wheel slides you’ll ever see, making the video well worth the watch.

Push play and enjoy!

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