Most Expensive Tesla In The World Gets 24K Gold Overhaul

If you are shopping for a new Tesla, the most you can spend (currently) is $168,990 for the Model S Plaid+ with every possible option ticked.

For a certain subset of buyers, even the most expensive Tesla may feel distressingly common. So, the folks over at Caviar, which typically creates customized iPhones, have worked some of their magic to turn the Model S into the Model Excellence 24K.

As you can see the Model S has been given an overhaul consisting of black with eye-catching gold accents and as the title suggests, the gold as actual “999” 24-carat gold electro-plated onto various elements. A custom grille, wheels, door handles, trunk spoiler, lower-body panels, and various other items are rendered in gold.

They are only planning to build 100 examples of the Model Excellence 24K and you will need to part with a dazzling $299,999 which is almost double the model mentioned in the beginning.

Caviar cautions that by driving the Model Excellence 24K, “you may dazzle those around you with your splendor.”

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