You Can Now Tick Identical Scale Model As an Option For Your New Ferrari

When it comes to expensive options, Ferrari could be at the top of the pile considering something like a carbon fibre cup holder costs R50k and with most of their customers being very well off, a majority of the new prancing horses have many options ticked.

Ferrari and Amalgam have been working together since 1998 to produce the finest F1 scale models and since 2005 they have been building perfect bespoke replicas for Ferrari owners at 1:8 scale. Now you can order your unique Fezza scale model in 1:12 or 1:8 as an option when specifying your car at the dealership.

Ferrari hands over the exact specifications of your car including CAD designs, and paint codes, meaning each scale model matches the real car down to the interior stitch colour. Getting down to this sort of accuracy and detail does not come cheap but it does come cheaper than the cup holder previously mentioned. The 1:12 scale option will set you back $3,215 (just over R45k) which is actually very well-priced compared to some other Amalgam offerings. The Ferrari Monza SP2 in 1:8 scale comes in at just under $12,000 while a bespoke Rolls-Royce Cullinan 1:8 model can cost in excess of $40,000.

The Amalgam Collection has announced six new limited-edition models including the 812 Superfast, 812 GTS, SF90 Stradale, SF90 Spider, Roma, and Portofino M. The 812 Superfast and the 812 GTS are currently available for pre-order, while the other four are currently in development.

Should you wish to add this to your order, you can register your interest on their website but don’t take too long as they will only build 199 units of each so not every Ferrari owner will have the chance to add the mini-masterpiece to their order. These models are so intricate and detailed, they take Amalgam 2,000 hours to design while they spend another 200 hours to assemble one by hand.

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