Firing Up The 1970 Porsche 917K Is Quite The Process

These days we hope in the car push a button and away we go. Some cars don’t even require you to push a button and you are ready to roll but things are not quite the same for this Porsche 917K.

The 917K is one of the world’s most iconic endurance cars and in the video below, we are treated to the lengthy process required to fire up the flat-12.

This particular car is owned by none other than Paul Lanzante and as you will see in the video you need to plug the car into a wall socket first before you can get underway.

Without blabbing on too much, we encourage you to press play and enjoy that majestic racer firing up – eventually.

Fun fact, the most expensive Porsche 917K to sell at public auction fetched $14 million back in 2017 and in the years since prices have inevitably increased further. This legend of screen and track will be offered at the Monterey auction taking place 13–14 August 2021.

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