BMW M4 Competition M xDrive Hits 60 MPH In Almost 3 Seconds Flat

BMW has started to build the first units of the xDrive variant of the new BMW M3 and M4 Competition and some customers in Europe have already received their new M cars.

One such owner decided to put it to the test with a little Dragy launch and as expected, the results are seriously impressive.

Zero to 60 mph is claimed to take 3.4 seconds but it seems the Bavarian folks have been substantially under quoted as this owner managed a 3.07s.

As a reminder, both M3 and M4 Competition models pack the same twin-turbocharged 3.0-litre straight-six setup pumping out 375 kW and 650 Nm.

We mentioned a while back that we had already seen the RWD models setting sprint times well below the claimed time so we did expect this to get close to 3 seconds flat and it is pretty damn close.

Retail for South Africa is planned to start around the end of the third quarter or early in the fourth quarter with pricing as follows;

M3 Competition with M xDrive – R1,900,000
M4 Competition with M xDrive – R1,980,000

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