BMW M4 Competition Nearly As Fast As M5 CS Around The ‘Ring

The BMW M4 Competition has been around for a few months now and ever since it launched, people have been wondering how fast it will be around the Nurburgring.

The folks over at Sport Auto recently got their hands on one and shoved chief test driver Christian Gebhardt behind the wheel to set a lap.

As the title suggests the M4 Competition is extremely rapid around the ring and managed to set a time of 7:30.79 and while that does not make the M4 Competition the fastest M4 ever to lap the track (that is the M4 GTS), it was just 1 second slower than the mighty M5 CS (driven by the same person).

For the test, the stock tyres were not used as the publication confirmed they used Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2’s. This is not an issue as you can fit this tyre to your M4 Competition should you wish.

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