Next BMW M2 To Be Rear-Wheel-Drive With Manual Transmission as Option

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The internet has been flooded with talk about the next-gen (G87) BMW M2 with most stating that the little M bimmer will get xDrive as an option.

According to BMWBlog sources, this is not true and will send all the power to the rear wheels only.

Sure it makes sense to assume it will get xDrive since the M3 and M4 are both getting it but BMW M engineers want this little car to be the last of the old guard.

Purists rejoice, this will be a rear-drive, front-engine sports car with a manual transmission. Yes, you read that correctly, the manual will live on (as an option) despite pretty much everything else going auto-only.

Under the hood, we are expecting to find a version of the 3.0-litre S58 twin-turbo inline-six delivering around 480 hp (358 kW). If this is correct, this will turn out to be a serious handful and a hooligan of a car.

Source BMW Blog
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