Jesko Absolut will Be The Last Top Speed Record Chaser from Koenigsegg

Hypercar manufacturers are always trying to push the boundaries on what can be achieved in an automobile and Koenigsegg is certainly one of those.

At the recent Monterey Car Week, the Jesko Absolut as well as the Gemera made their official US debut.

At the showcase, a bittersweet message was delivered. The Jesko Absolut will be the fastest Koenigsegg ever made. In Koenigsegg’s exact words, “the company will never endeavour to make a faster series-production road car – ever.”

As a reminder, the Jesko Absolut is a feast of numbers with 1,600 hp from its twin-turbo V8 as well as a  drag coefficient of just 0.278 Cd, and a theoretical top speed of just over 330 mph (532 km/h).

According to Koenigsegg, the company will continue to focus on “internalizing its development paths that go beyond industry standards to push the boundaries of innovation and deliver ultimate performance” which sounds to us like more insanely talented engineering projects and innovative automotive firsts.

Koenigsegg was pleased with the reaction the two cars got out of the crowd at Monterey car week: “I was overwhelmed by the extremely positive reaction the Jesko Absolut and Gemera received during our time in Monterey. It was gratifying to personally hear from people who have long followed our brand and our passion”.

Source CarBuzz
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