BMW M4 CS and M4 CSL Coming Within Next Two Years

We have started seeing BMW testing a few slightly different looking M4’s already and there has been a lot of chatter around these prototypes which were spotted in Germany.

These mules sported slightly different bodykits which has led to some confusion as to what BMW are up to with the M4.

According to BMW Blog, they are reporting that we will see both a BMW M4 CS and M4 CSL within the next two years

The publication reports that the G82 M4 CSL will be the first to arrive in 2022 as the top of the range offering. This will be distinguishable by the ducktail spoiler we have seen on the camouflaged prototypes. It will also see the introduction of new M headlights, specific to the model, along with a choice between M bucket seats and racing seats. Since it will be receiving the CSL badge, there will be a host of weight-saving measures deployed which means we will see an overload of carbon fibre and of course a price tag to match.

The M4 CSL will make use of the same S58 3.0-litre straight-six turbocharged unit but will push out around 540 PS (533 hp; 397 kW) which will reportedly all go to the rear-wheels.

The M4 CS will arrive after the CSL and will naturally be more affordable and not as sharp or as dynamic as the CSL. If we look at the M2 CS and even the M5 CS, this might be the sweet spot of the range with a nice balance of track focus and daily driving comfort.

At the moment the power output is not yet known but we can assume it will sit between the M4 Competition and the expected output of the M4 CSL.

Both the BMW M4 CSL and M4 CS will be limited in numbers.

Source BMW Blog
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