Will The New Maserati GranTurismo Look Like This Rendering?

via Kolesa.ru

We know an all-new Maserati GranTurismo is in development and the latest test vehicles spotted have featured a full-body camouflage wrap and foam cladding underneath it to completely distort its design.

The folks from Kolesa.ru decided to digitally remove the coverings to imagine what the next-gen GranTurismo could look like when it debuts later this year.

If the prototypes spotted are not sporting too much cladding, then we are expecting the new GranTurismo to retain the overall shape of the previous generation but these renders seem to flatten the body curves a little.

At this stage, it is not yet known what will power the GT but we are expecting it to be available with a few choices including a purely electric variant as well as a potential range-topping offering making use of the Nettuno V6 from the MC20 supercar.

This EV variant will actually be the brand’s first EV, and it could get the coveted MC Stradale moniker. It’s supposed to break cover in 2022 and become one of the few all-electric coupes available. Maserati is expected to reveal the new 2022 GranTurismo before the end of the year, but the company hasn’t announced an official debut date. 

via Kolesa.ru
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