AC Schnitzer BMW M3 Ready To Deliver 582 HP (434 kW)

When it comes to tuning BMWs, the choices can be rather overwhelming and choosing the right aftermarket partner can be a confusing ordeal. Some BMW tuners rise above the rest and one such player is the folks at AC Schnitzer.

The tuning outfit is in such a hurry to get their BMW M3 offering out there that this package is “almost fully developed” but they have decided to reveal some details.

Output has been pushed up to 590 PS (582 hp; 434 kW) and 750 Nm (553 lb-ft) of torque. AC Schnitzer did not divulge how they got the gains so it’s more than likely software but they did confirm it comes with a four years warranty.

The exhaust upgrade boasts carbon pipes on each side and promising “a powerful, sporty sound.”

Chassis upgrades are certainly not to be ignored as they have fitted their own RS coilovers (adjustable in compression and rebound) with lowering springs for the front. We can only assume that this sacrifices plenty of comfort for a more dynamic drive.

Externally you will find a new set of 20-inch wheels lighter than standard, with slightly wider tyres (285-section front and 295 section rears).

The aerodynamic components not only give the BMW M3 a lot more downforce and cornering capability but they also look superb on the menacing Bavarian.

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