Sorry One-Percenters The Bugatti Chiron and Bolide Are Sold Out

In October last year, we shared news from Bugatti that the 500 unit production run of the Chiron was nearly spoken for and today we can confirm that all of them have now been snapped up.

Just last year, 150 very wealthy customers ordered a Chiron of sorts with a massive 60 percent of them being new to the brand.

Out of the 150, 40 of them decided on the Bolide which simply put is the most extreme Bugatti ever. These sold for a cool €4 million a pop (before taxes) and the cars won’t be delivered sooner than 2024.

So what does 2022 have in store for the Molsheim brand?

  • All 10 Centodieci units will be finished and shipped to customers
  • Customer deliveries of the Chiron Super Sport 300 will kick off
  • Newly formed company Bugatti Rimac will begin

Both Bugatti and Rimac promise to deliver “separate and extraordinary vehicles.”

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