This Chrome Novitec Huracán Looks Glorious

When it comes to wrapping cars in chrome I tend to be put off immediately but there is something about this raging bull that hits me in all the right places.

It started by being fitted with the Novara body kit from Vorsteiner which includes an integrated front spoiler, ventilated front fenders, side sill extension blades, rear bumper with integrated diffuser and a fixed rear wing which makes it look more like the Performante than a ‘regular’ Huracán.

This kit not only improves airflow and cooling but also reduces the weight slightly thanks to extensive use of the magical carbon fibre.

To further enhance the presense of the V10 bull, they fitted a set of 21″ black Forgiato 2.0 Navaja-ECX wheels which blend seemlessly with the mean body kit. To wrap it all up, it received a full chrome wrap and it looks absolutely epic. Kudos to the owner and the team behind the build.

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