Singer and Williams Collaborate To Create New 500 HP Porsche Engine

Singer Vehicle Design is responsible for some of the most drool-worthy Porsche’s on this planet. Now thanks to a collaboration with Williams, you are able to spec a mean 500 horsepower air-cooled flat-six.

The first unit to come out of this collab will be a a naturally aspirated 4.0-litre that can rev over 9,000rpm, featuring four-valve heads, titanium con-rods, aluminum throttle bodies with carbon trumpets, a carbon air box, a titanium-Inconel exhaust system and a 500hp rating.

This essentially packs the same power as the latest water-cooled GT3.

Hanz Mexger who is a legendary Porsche engineer is acting as a technical consultant alongside Singer.

This particular unit is being fitted into a project commissioned by Scott Blattner who already has three other Singer 911’s.

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