More Proof That BMW M CSL Variants Are On The Way

Just over a year ago, BMW M CEO Frank Van Meel mentioned that CSL models were making a return to the BMW M lineup.

Van Meel has since moved on to become the head of BMW’s Total Vehicle development department, but BMW’s M CSL model plans remain in place.

As you will see above, a slide from a presentation at a recent BMW M training session shows the hierarchy of upcoming BMW models with M CSL models sitting at the very top.

It has been labelled as “Born for the racetrack” meaning CSL models will not concern themselves with the everyday suitability nature that the CS models feature, but can instead be completely track focused.

At this stage it is not known which M models will receive CSL versions but you would be safe to bet that a M2 CSL is on the way followed by a M3 CSL and M4 CSL at some point after their introduction.

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