Porsche Hypercar 6 Years Away At Best

Porsche wrapped up production the 918 Spyder in 2015 so it all makes sense to fill the void with a new flaghship ten years later.

During an interview with media at the Geneva Motor Show. Oliver Blume said “the evolution of the batteries in three or four years can offer this” when asked about the hypercar. It has not been decided if it will be a hybrid or full electric but either way it will have radical performance.

“In future I see a possibility for a hypercar [powered by] the next generation of batteries. That should be a very high performing car,” said Mr Blume.

“Today we work with liquid batteries but … in future the biggest opportunity is in solid state batteries, therefore we have to wait until 2025 or more. These batteries will have a big advantage for distance. In future you will be able to drive 1000km.”

“It’s not decided yet if [the next hypercar] is a hybrid or a full battery car,” said Mr Blume. “We wait [on] the development of the batteries. It will be 2025 or later.”

Source CarAdvice
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